Boarding Rates - We bill by the calendar day
Single dog - $35/calendar day
Second dog same run - $25/calendar day

Our daily rate includes climate controlled accommodations & multiple individual outings in our play yard per day

Cats - $18/calendar day

20 minute leashed walk - $10 per dog per walk - we have a mile of scenic walking trails on the property

20 minute play time - $10 per dog per playtime - Your dogs favorite playtime activity - fetch, frisbee, snuggling, play time with another guest, etc...

South Paw Spaw
Bath, brush, blow dry & ear cleaning - starting at $40
Pawdicure - nail clip & grinding all 4 paws, paw fur trim & moisturizing treatment - $20

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Proudly serving food & treats 
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Professional bathing and nail trimming 
at the South Paw Spaw
Because your pets deserve THE BEST
In order to keep our resort a healthy environment for our guests, we ask that you please refrain from socializing your dog at any dog park/community park/community area/etc..that DOES NOT require dogs to be current on vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior to your dogs vacation with us.

All pets being placed in the care of South Paw Pet Resort must be up to date on Distemper, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. We do not require, but recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine – please discuss with your vet to see if they feel your pet should also have this vaccine prior to boarding.  Current vaccinations are required for the safety of all our guests. A copy of the pet’s vaccination records is required prior to check-in. For your convenience, your vet can email them directly to us at We request that all vaccines are up to date no later than 2 weeks prior to their stay at South Paw Pet Resort.

We recommend bringing items from home such as your pets bed or a blanket to make your pets stay more enjoyable. The smells of home also create a more relaxed environment.

We also recommend bringing your pets food from home. This will promote a stable belly and a more comfortable pet. We offer the finest quality foods available in the event you are unable to bring your pet's food. Additional charges apply.

We require that your pet is current on their flea and tick treatment. 
South Paw Pet Resort boarding: